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Published on September 1st, 2010 | by Editor


A New Future for Teleworking?

In his Federal Report of August 27, 2010, Mike Causey reports that a new bill in Congress — if approved — will flip-flop teleworking rules. Rather than reluctantly accept requests for teleworking, governments will encourage their employees to telecommute.

According to Causey “Although some members of Congress have been pushing teleworking for years, the vast majority of feds have never done it or even been offered the chance. The new proposal (H.R. 1722 is the House version while the Senate bill is S. 707) would flip teleworking policy.”

What will change? Mike Causey explains: “Simply put, under current rules federal managers are supposed to identify employees who COULD telework. Who could do their jobs from home or a telework center. In most offices that means that many employees are never considered for teleworking and the vast majority never get to do it. […]

Under the new proposal, assuming it becomes law, the agency would designate a key person to oversee the program, and would require managers to determine who should NOT telework and why. That should open the doors for the chance to work at least one day per week, or two days per pay period, from home.”

Read the full story on Federal News Radio

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