About IFSA

IFSA or International Foreign Service Association is a non-profit organization representing the professional and personal interests of the Foreign Service Nationals (also called Locally Engaged Staff) working in the foreign diplomatic Missions of the United States.

IFSA Core Objectives

IFSA’s principal mission is to protect the interests and the rights of the locally engaged staff on a worldwide basis and to be a communication channel through which the locally engaged staff can engage into a permanent dialogue with the foreign affairs agencies in Washington.

IFSA represents employees who take deep pride in working for United States government offices engaged in the front line of the effort to improve America’s bilateral and multilateral relationships with other nations around the world. It seeks to ensure that America’s Foreign Affairs agencies are exemplary in terms of sound administration, so that they enjoy the utmost credibility with staff and public alike.

Finally, IFSA wishes to improve staff morale, better working conditions, and strengthen the relationship of the locally engaged staff within the foreign affairs community.

IFSA in the interest of the whole foreign affairs community

The entire foreign affairs community, not just the LES, will benefit from sound administration and an intense relationship between the LES and Washington.  Numerous issues with regard to the LES can only be acted upon on a level that transcends the level of the individual Mission and the local LES committee.  By offering a permanent platform for interacting with the foreign affairs agencies, IFSA aims to contribute to make progress on a number of issues and to improve the LES-Washington relationship.

How it all started

IFSA has been set up in response to a recommendation in OIG report No. ISO-I-07-16 – May 2007.   Noting that LES is the only category of staff in the foreign affairs community that does not have any representation at the Washington level, the recommendation favors the creation of an organization representing this worldwide community of 54,000 locally engaged employees.


We welcome your comments and suggestions, so please feel free to contact us at ifsanet@gmail.com.

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