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Published on August 6th, 2009 | by Editor


Best Practice: Local Employees’ Association – Beijing

The FSN Committee in Beijing used Bangkok as a model to set up its own Committee.  LEA Beijing has developed into a thriving association.
With a reference of the good work done by the Local Employees’ Association (LEA) of the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok back in 2004, a dozen of senior Locally Employed Staff (LES) realized the necessity of establishing a similar association in Beijing post.


This idea was strongly supported by the former Minister Counselor for Administrative Affairs, Mr. James Van Laningham.

LEA was officially established in December 2004 and consisted of representatives from all agencies. The goals of the LEA are to work towards common interests LES and to promote healthy employee-management relations.

In the past four years, the former executive committee made great efforts to improve the working environment, to provide advice and consultation to senior management on issues affecting LES employees, and to foster better understanding between American and Chinese employees.

LEA enjoyed great supports provided by the whole mission, especially from the former Ambassador, DCM as well as the Minister Counselors for Administrative Affairs.

11 of new executive committee members for the 2nd term administration were just elected in May, 2009. The new executive committee members are committed to reinforcing the achievements made by the former committee members in organizing cultural and sports activities to build harmonious relationship among employees and in communicating with embassy management on questions and concerns about benefits, working environment and work-related problems.

To further promote LEA’s role, we also established our own website on SharePoint , which serves as a platform for providing useful information, posting relative announcements as well as enhancing communication between the committee and entire staff.

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