IFSA Basics Foreign Service Journal issue of June 2012, pp. 30-36.

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Foreign Service Nationals Speak Out

Members of the International Foreign Service Association reflect on their work at U.S. Missions across the Globe.

By Steven Alan Honley.  This article was published in the Foreign Service Journal of June 2012, pp. 30-36.  Contributions from Brussels, Sofia, Sao Paolo, Port Louis, Mexico City, and Kuala Lumpur.

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A Truly Global Initiative, by Jon Miracle, Brussels

Fascination and Frustration, by Aneta Stefanova, Sofia

FSNs are not “LES”  — In any Sense, by Pedro R. Pires, Sao Paulo

Small but Mighty, by Priya Beegun, Port Louis

The Gas Tank is Half Full, by Paola Arozamena, Mexico City

An Integral Part of U.S. Diplomacy, by Ravindran Manickam, Kuala Lumpur

Read the full article on the AFSA web site at http://www.afsa.org/FSJ/0612/index.html#/30/


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