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Published on March 20th, 2010 | by Editor


Solidarity with the FSNs of Ciudad Juarez

Fellow LES,
In light of recent events that have had an impact on DoS LES worldwide, TRINEA would like to be the first to Champion a cause by showing support for those LES in need for whichever region that comes under duress. Just a show of common solidarity is often enough to help some move past a difficult event. We would like to begin this action with the most recent event.

Yellow and black ribbonMany of you have heard of the attacks in Ciudad Juarez of recent days, but you may have not been aware that the spouse of one of the LES was killed and two of their children were also injured during the attack. We are a all aware of the risk that some of our colleagues take every day by working at and being associated with the American Embassy in their respective country. We each come to work every day without the real thought of something happening, but for some this luxury simply does not exist. The LES community in Ciudad Juarez has decided to wear Yellow ribbons with Black trim as a show of support for the LES family members killed and wounded. They in turn are seeking a show of solidarity from other post or LES.

The form of solidarity is a simple ribbon as shown below. If you would like to participate please print this out on a color printer and pin it to your lapel. The LES staff in Ciudad Juarez would greatly appreciate this effort and it cost nothing for each of us to come together in one voice. Thanks in advance for your participation!

Jon Miracle
TRINEA Board Brussels


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