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What are Locally Engaged Staff? Description in State Department documents:
>>”Locally Employed Staff provide unique services in support of foreign policy at nearly 265 posts worldwide. LE Staff are an integral part of the team dedicated to representing America’s interests to other countries.”

>>”Foreign Service Nationals and locally resident US Citizens are the continuity staff of our Missions abroad. Our Locally Employed Staff abroad provide the institutional knowledge and professional contacts that are so important to the embassy.

LE Staff perform vital mission program and support functions. All USG agencies under Chief of Mission authority depend heavily on their continuity staff, frequently delegating to them significant management roles and program functions.”

Compensation & Benefits for LE Staff
>>”Section 408 of the Foreign Service Act of 1980 prescribes the basis for setting Locally Employed Staff compensation and benefits. To the extent that it is consistent with the U.S. public interest, U.S. missions compensate Locally Employed Staff based upon prevailing practice in country. This means that total compensation (salary and benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, and allowances) is based upon what local comparable employers are providing to their employees in jobs that have similar levels of complexity and responsibility. As a result, Locally Employed Staff should normally receive a package of pay and benefits competitive with that paid by other employers.”

Source: State Department web site

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