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Tri-Mission Brussels, Belgium

Jon Miracle reports from Brussels — For those of you whom are unfamiliar with the idea of a Tri-Mission, let me start with an introduction.

 Brussels, a post at the very heart of Europe, is a Tri-Mission. We support three different sets of Missions, Ambassadors and Deputy Chiefs of Mission. That being said, we are comprised of 302 LES positions that perform various support type functions.

TRINEA executive committee with DAS Linda Taglialatela

The LES core is divided into three groups; 15 CSR locally hired employees, those hired under an American Civil Service retirement system, 262 Regular LES hired under our LCP, and 25 American LES.

The LES in Brussels are Represented by our local employee association called TRINEA which is devised of 9 LES from the various Missions and core LES groups. Brussels TRINEA is a very active group focused on making life and working conditions at Tri-Mission Brussels as comfortable and competitive as possible.

Our relationship with post Management is vital to livelihood of our LES and therefore we try to keep this relationship as transparent as possible. This does not mean that we always agree on every issue affecting the Brussels LES staff, but it does seek to obtain the most favorable conditions feasible.

Some of TRINEA’s accomplishments cannot be replicated at every post, but serve as examples of how important an LES employee association is in ensuring that our Direct hire colleagues and managers can better protect and serve the values that they came to post to represent. These include but are not limited to the following:

Parental Leave for both Parents
Reimbursement of Commuting Costs (trains)
Getting Washington’s attention toward solving the CSRS Annuity Problems
Free Meal Tickets

Join Brussels by representing your LES with honor, respect, and vigilance in service to America and more importantly yourselves!


Jon Miracle
American LES and
Brussels TRINEA Chairman

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